Israeli Soldiers refuse to fight in Gaza

A rare sign of some hope for sanity in what is an otherwise crazy society, a video of Israeli soldiers refusing to fight in Gaza.



5 thoughts on “Israeli Soldiers refuse to fight in Gaza

  1. Anonymous says:

    These are honorable and courageous people. Thank you for saying no to subjugation and war. You are the real heroes, not those who blindly follow orders.

  2. Anonymous says:

    “An otherwise crazy society” ?

    IDF is the MOST moral army in the world! Soldiers that speak out against the military – and these are not the first soldiers in Israel that speak out.

    But all you Israel-bashers at Friends Of Palestine continue to bang your drum of hatred. How can peace come about from people like you?

  3. Francoise Coupal says:

    Finally a ray of light and common sense among Israelis!

  4. Ildefonso says:

    Thank you for showing us that not all soldiers and not all the people in Israel are retards.

  5. Ildefonso Giron says:

    To anonymous 2:

    If Israelis were victims of aggression as Palestinians are, no doubt we would also raise our voices to support them. We are not pro this or that country per se. We believe in people’s right to live in peace. So, we do not hate Israelis or Palestinians or British or Arabs, etc.

    And also note that IDF has been touted as “the most healthy and well fed terrorist army in the world”. It might be for a reason.

    But rather than call us names, it’d do you well to not be afraid. Palestinians are not the fierce terrorist and killers you have been taught. Free yourself of fear and hate, and read and learn.

    Palestine was once a place where people of very diverse origins and creeds lived in peace and harmony. Why has it to be the way it is now? Why has there to be people dying?

    Think about it. Be part of the solution and not part of the problem.

    May God open your mind.

    Best regards.

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