Student and Activist Resources

These are a number of Resources we’ve used in university activism at some point or another- mainly fliers, leaflets and presentations. Feel free to use anything in this page, but please attribute the society. Since the website was only started on January 2009, we don’t have any material from previous events, but we’ll keep it updated with anything new that is produced.


If anything in these material violates any copyrights, please inform us and we’ll remove the material:



The following are powerpoint documents of a few presentation we’ve recently held. We’ll be including our presentations from here on onwards, so most older material is unfortunately unavailable:

Remembering Gaza: A very graphic and violent presentation summarizing the 2008-2009 conflict in Gaza, the realities of the war and the overall occupation in Palestine. Its prety long, very graphic, covers deaths, injuries, attacks on hospitals, schools, psychological impact, sonic booms, targeted killings, economic impacts of the occupation, the effects of the siege, massacres, settler extremism, illegal settlements, and a lot more. Some empty slides are meant for movies to be played, but we cannot include the ones meant to be there. Various sources are placed in the margins and further readings, but not all material may be sourced unfortunately as we unfortunately did not save all sources upon production of the presentation . It actually takes a lot more time to present than I expected when first creating it, but given the areas covered, it is perhaps appropriate. Skip material if it becomes too long.

Presentation on Gaza: The first part of an early presentation on the Gaza attacks 2008-2009. This part focuses more on the general history leading to 2008.

Presentation on Gaza – 2: The second part of an early presentation on the Gaza attacks 2008-2009: This part focuses on the actual attacks and their results. As the presentation was created and given when the attacks where still occuring, figures and events are not up to date.

History Presentation- Origins – 1967: This is a presentation to be given as a talk on the history of the conflict from its origins to 1967, but it covers in details mostly the history up to 1948, and places less focus on the time since. In the future we will probably split this into two parts, adding a few more points to the parts up to 1948 and keeping it as a seperate presentation, and creating a new one for the period from 1948 to 1967. The presentation is meant to go into a bit more depth on the period and the context for the conflict, so its quite long. Presenting it fully should take well up to 2 hours, but it can be cut to 1 hour if parts are skipped according to what one feels is important. Sources and links are often places along the slides.



The following are fliers and leaflets we have used. Since most are specific to a certain event, you can just use these to get ideas and a template for easy to make and print out material. Remember, these are mainly for student use, and designed to be cheap and ergonomic.


Flier template 1: A template for 4 small fliers printed on an A4 peace of paper, originally for B&W printing. Originally used for a Friday event (date had changed since the original plans) focused on Gaza.



Similarly, the following are posters that can easily be adapted or changed and cheaply printed out on A4 or A3 paper.


Gaza Poster 1: A beautiful poster designed during the 2008-2009 Gaza attacks, this is not as effective in B&W. Please note this is based on ‘Letter’ Sized paper. When printing, set your printer to convert from ‘Letter’ to ‘A4’ or ‘A3’, otherwise results will be different. 

Gaza poster 2: Similarly, another poster designed during the 2008-2009 Gaza attacks. Please note this is based on ‘Letter’ Sized paper. When printing, set your printer to convert from ‘Letter’ to ‘A4’ or ‘A3’, otherwise results will be different.


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