Primary Documents and Maps

The focus here is mainly on primary documents and sources, and includes links to some of the most important works that have shaped the history of Palestine.

On the origins of Zionism (some links to Zionist Websites):

  • Most of the documents from the Avalon Project can also be found on the history page of the Middle East Web. These pages contain a more exhaustive list of documents, however they are not preferred, because the web sites has a bad habit of providing secondary ”commentary’ on each document before displaying the acual document, which gives a biased perspective rather than letting the reader get his own conclusions – and personally it seems the commentary given shows very heavy signs of inherent bias and a lack of historical accuracy and impartialness from the side of the author. Is using or pointing to these resources, we suggest you avoid the attempted analysis and draw your own conclusions.
  • The McMahon-Husayn correspondence
  • The MacDonald Weizman letter 1931

The Jewish virtual library also has some primary documents. Being an organisation mainly focused on promoting Israeli-American relations, its understood we disagree with most of the commentary and secondary analysis in the page. However, at least they keep their opinion outside the primary documents, unlike the Middle East Web above.

Most of the links to individual documents here focus on the pro-1947 history of Palestine but you can find many more documents in the above websites focusing on the entire history up to the present day.

For a study of Palestinian administration and governance:

Maps – general:

Maps – Specific:

Highly recommended books of historic texts:


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