The following is a list of links to films or websites related to Palestinian film you might find of interest:

  • The Website of the Palestine Film Foundation. You cannot download films as far as I am aware from the site, but you can always contact them to request screenings, or get details of tours and festivals
  • Peace, Propaganda and The promised Land focuses on the treatment of the Palestine issue in the US media and the bias that exists there.
  • ‘Life under Occupation: Testimonies from an Occupied Land’ is a short, half hour free documentary from Frank Barat, which focuses on exactly what it says in the title.
  • website of free documentaries on Palestine. Image quality and production values tend to be quite low. The documentary above can also be accessed from this site.


The following films are not available online, but they are available for university screenings upon the request of any of our members:

  • Occupation 101: A classic, multiple award winning film. Since the society does not have a public screening license, we can only accomodate individuals on private screening with an exec member. You can purchase your own copy online at
  • Life in Occupied Palestine: Eyewintness Stories and Photos: A short, one hour presentation by Jewish American activist Anna Baltzer on life and resistance in Palestine.

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