Eyewitness Accounts

The following are links to stories of visitors and activists in Palestine, as well as everyday Palestinians.

My life has changed forever. What I witnessed in those two weeks in the West Bank will haunt me till I die. I am almost resentful of my idyllic life here, and sometimes I wish I was back in Palestine- my second home.

Some people have told me I was ‘brave’ to go to such a dangerous place. There is nothing brave about what I did- breathing in a bit of teargas and dodging a few rubber bullets does not make me a hero. I am back in England living my comfortable life, driving my fast car to my secure job. Yet my friends in Palestine are still queuing at checkpoints in the sun, facing tanks and live bullets in the camps, coming home to find their houses demolished, and watching helplessly as the evil Wall and the greedy settlements devour their land.

When the time came to start the return trip, it so turned out that two armed settlers were sunning themselves in the garden of the neighbor. Whether coincidence or in order to keep an eye on the activities in their back yard was not clear. Our host became very nervous: “You cannot pass through there”. These gentlemen may shoot at the slightest provocation, and nobody will interfere…

  • An account of an aid worker in Gaza during the 2008-2009 attacks. Copyright issues forbid us from providing an excerpt.
  • A video account of the experiences of Lina AlSharif a student of English Literature in the Islamic University of Gaza during the Gaza massacre in December 2008 – January 2009. This links to our video page.
  • An Account of the Nakba through a teenager’s eyes: Published in the Journal of Palestine studies, this is a recollection of the Nakba by Muhhamad Hallaj, a then teenager. Copyright issues forbid us from providing an excerpt. This account is highly reccomended, to get a first hand perspective of actual realities of life and resistance on the ground, and of the ‘support’ provided by the Arab countries towards the Palestinians in 1948.

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