Charities and Donations

The following is a list of places you can donate money to. Not all groups are charities per se, and the goals and actions of each can be different, so make your own choices.

  •  Donate at the Disasters Emergency Comitte Gaza Appeal: The DEC Gaza Appeal is set up to provide an Emergency relief Fund for Gaza after the 2008-2009 Israeli war crimes.
  • Donate at the International Solidarity Movement: A Palestinian-led, international activist movement, dedicated to resisting the Israeli Occupation of Palestinian land
  • Donate at the International Solidarity Movement- London: Similarly, the London branch of the ISM
  • Donate and get involved at the Israeli Comittee against house demolitions UK:  A non-violent, direct-action group originally established to oppose and resist Israeli demolition of Palestinian houses in the Occupied Territories- activities are now expanded to other areas – land expropriation, settlement expansion, by-pass road construction, policies of “closure” and “separation,” the wholesale uprooting of fruit and olive trees and more.
  • Donate to the Free Gaza movement: The free Gaza movement, sending international boats to the port of Gaza, with the aim of breaking the siege, and raising awareness of the humanitarian crisis in Gaza.
  • Donate to the PSC: The Palestine Solidarity Campaign in the UK aims to build a mass solidarity movement with the people of Palestine. Donations go towards lobbying parliament, raising awareness, running campaign, providing resources to individuals and other organisation etc.
  • Donate at Playgrounds for Palestinians: A group dedicated to building playgrounds for Palestinian children, purchasing them, shipping them to Palestine, arranging for their constuction, and then donating them to a municipality.
  • Donate to the American Near East Refugee Aid: ANERA does a huge amount of work in Palestine and the Near East. Playgrounds for Palestinians above for example, frequently relies on aid from ANERA for its operations. On the link provided, check out the tab ‘Ways to give’ for more options on how to donate. You are also given the chance to sponsor a scholarship for a Palestinian child.

9 thoughts on “Charities and Donations

  1. linda assaf says:

    i am an american who came to Palestine and opened a school here mainly to help teach English but we lack computers and book to open a library to help, the funds we recieve barely cover expenses so i am looking for donations of English literature for all ages and computers and if possible learning toys new or used and i don’t know where to ask i wish to help these children if you can help please reply asap or even just tell me who to write or go to here in Palestine thank you

  2. Linda, your appeal was put out in 2010. I wonder if you are still in Palestine and if so what you are now lacking?

    I may be able to help in some way. It is my 69th birthday next week and I am giving 1 pound for each year I have been privileged to have lived to my friends to increase over a month for me and I will be donating the proceeds to charities in Palestine. I am also looking for a charity or nursery that works with Palestinian and Israeli children for peace together. I believe this is the only way forward so if any one can give me information I would be grateful.
    As David Icke says, ‘We are the generations here to love the world to paradise!’
    With love and blessings.
    In peace.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Dear Friends of Palestine,

    We are a solidarity organization, registered in the books of the State of the Republic of Zimbabwe, to compliment the commitment of our Zimbabwean government in sustaining a friendship of solidarity with the people and State of Palestine, and to cherish the cordial relationship between Zimbabwe and Palestine.

    We raise awareness of and campaign for the establishment of a unified planetary community of law abiding and peace loving people, states and governments free from the scourges of war, oppression and civil persecution which, unfortunately are rampant against the daily lives of Palestinian people under occupation.

    Through peaceful campaigns and engaging state institutions and other organizations, we encourage national reconciliation between Israelis and Palestinians separated by long years of hatred and fighting each other. We believe that our efforts, combined with those of the international community, shall establish mutual respect for and bilateral relations between them as independent and sovereignty States free from occupation of one by the other.

    We campaign for an end to any form of war, hatred, racial intolerance, and land confiscation and annexation, the apartheid wall of shame that separates Palestinian people from each other and from life giving resources. We condemn the military rules and check points, and the unjust and partial military arrest orders, the blind siege, physical restrictions including road segregation and we deplore the general suffering of Palestinian people in the occupied territories as a result of the Israeli system of things which is anti-Arabs and therefore prejudicing Palestinians.

    During the Israeli unilateral war on Gaza in July 2014, we organized a solidarity march to condemn the mass killings of Palestinian civilians most of them women and children and senseless destruction of Palestinian homes and live giving infrastructure, thereby weakening the state of Palestine and its people.

    Through a petition that we drafted and presented to the August House of the parliament of Zimbabwe, we sort the support of the Zimbabwe government in this condemnation. Thanks to the speech of our Head of State and Commander-In-Chief of the Allegiant Defence Forces, Cde R.G. Mugabe, who openly and in no uncertain terms condemned “…the suffering and persecution of the people of Palestine at the hands of Israel. We have witnessed the callous murder of women and children in shelters where they seek refuge from Israel’s bombs. We have witnessed the brutal and random destruction of infrastructure in the Gaza Strip…”, at the 69th Session of the UN General Assembly in New York.

    Shortly after the petition, we lobbied BDS of South Africa that also strongly works in support of the Palestinians cause, and we took the lead in drafting yet another petition that we presented to the SADC Heads of States during the World Tourism Organization (WTO) summit co-hosted by Zimbabwe and Zambia in Victoria Falls in July 2014, to raise awareness for the need to collectively condemn the unilateral war on Gaza, and stop the result of our former detractors who declared the State of Israel on Palestinian soil in 1948, without the consent of Palestinians.

    On the 25 October 2014, we held a documentary showcase at the University of Zimbabwe to raise awareness about the extent of human rights violations in Palestine at the callous hands of the occupying force. Members of the academia and the students were happy with the update and have since requested that we undertake similar events throughout the country to raise this awareness and engage the public to voice up against the Israeli occupation of the state of Palestine.

    On 28 November 2014 we proceeded to take part in a tree planting event, organized by the Embassy of Palestine, the Friends of Environment and ourselves, at Chiremba Primary School in Ruwa, Domboramwari Secondary School in Epworth and Mutiunokura Primary School in Mufakose. During these events we also planted trees as Friends of Palestine and had captive opportunities to highlight our and the commitment of the Zimbabwe government to a free and independent state of Palestine, which we support within the diplomatic allegiance sustaining between the two countries.

    On the 29 November 2014 we were invited by the Embassy of Palestine, with the collaboration of UN Information Centre (Harare), Friends of the Environment, to commemorate last year’s International Day of Solidarity with the People and State of Palestine. During the commemorations, we had privileged opportunities to share proceedings and exchange notes with our local Minister of foreign Affairs Honourable Simbabrashe Mbengegwi who was the guest of honour, who also planted a tree within the Embassy premises. We also met other foreign dignitaries and representatives of other countries in Zimbabwe.

    We have planned a hefty calendar of events for the year 2015 based on the UN and other declared observances. Some of the observances have no direct link with Palestine as a state, its cause or its people but, because of the extent of human rights violations in the Holy Land, they provide irresistible opportunities for us to reach the local and international audience. We will therefore use most of these events to support and promoted human rights practice in Palestine, giving Zimbabwe as a living example of a competent practitioner of democracy and human rights. We are planning each event very carefully to suffice our KPA’s.

    On the issue of Palestine, we believe the occupying force will adopt and maintain a peaceful stance sometime given the pressure mounting on them, to give the Palestinian people time to re-define and follow their democracy, mourn their deceased, develop themselves based on their priorities as a sovereignty state and begin years of reconstruction of their homes, mosques, businesses and many strategic amenities destroyed in Gaza Strip and elsewhere during the Israeli senseless attacks of last July and earlier or after.

    It is our fervent hope that peace negotiations will assume a serious trajectory, and with our continued support as a nation, Palestine shall eventually be free of occupation with both States living side by side in peace, equality and under the same democratic rights.

    Although the above chronology is packed with successes in our national and international services, we wish to continue and improve on our solidarity campaigns at massive scale, to pursue our national and international service in this regard. The fact that our activities are entirely funded through voluntary donations by well wishers presents us with a serious liquidity problem.

    Accordingly, and with all protocol observed, we are exposing our technical and financial weaknesses to you for purposes of getting any type and extent of support so that we may be able to deliver results that give greater support to the people and government of Palestine!

    We thank you for all the time you have committed to reading this letter all the way to this end and look forward to work with you until Palestine is free and independent.

    we really really need to join you on this cause!

    long live Palestine
    Long live East Jerusalem

    Yours Faithfully,


    Cell: +00263 0777461445

  4. Amira says:

    Dear Linda Assaf
    Is your request still valid? I have an encyclopedia brittanica whole set, brand new condition (although not a recent one) and may be able to send it. Let me know.

    You can respond to my personal mail:

  5. Anonymous says:

    We have continued activities to support Palestinians in their struggle for freedom from occupation.

    Accordingly, and with all protocol observed, we are exposing our technical and financial weaknesses to you for purposes of getting any type and extent of support so that we may be able to deliver results that give greater support to the people and government of Palestine!

    +263 775181 929

  6. Anonymous says:


    Dear Friends of Palestine

    We have continued activities to support Palestinians in their struggle for freedom from occupation.

    Accordingly, and with all protocol observed, we are exposing our technical and financial weaknesses to you for purposes of getting any type and extent of support so that we may be able to deliver results that give greater support to the people and government of Palestine!

    On January 29, 2015 at 5:55 pm,I posted our request for support,copy above!


    +263 775181 929

  7. Dr Shabeer says:

    Hello there,

    We are a startup company based in India developing medical accessories that is affordable to the common man in the rural areas. We have developed an accessory that can be used to detect Neonatal jaundice using even with a simple mobile phone. Product has been develeoped by a JV between CMHT & a leading UK University. We like to donate our product to charities world wide who are interested to use for the newborns in rural areas. For more information please visit

    If you have any quieries please feel free to ask.

    Best regards,
    Dr Shabeer

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