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5 thoughts on “Join Our Cause!

  1. Anonymous says:

    You people need to have a life. Hamas is a terrorist group they murder everybody that don t think like them don t believe in what they believe and amazing is that they justify all shit they do as G.d s will … so they can Rape, Enslave, murder all who don t shares their s opinion.. so no free will no free speech meaning that for them people are like cattle and is not difficult to see this happening in Gaza but if you don t see take a look on Syria were those different Islamist groups when they can kill the Assad troops they murder among themselves all in name of G.d… If Syria is not enough … take a look in Nigeria, Sudan, Mali, Libya, Iran, Irak, pakistan etc.. etc… etc… So they don t care about their own people . There are not moderate Islam maybe one day but not yet. I think yes that Islam is starting blowing up from inside and that will take some more years . People are tied of bein manipulated by corrupted politicians and treated like cattle by so many terrorist groups. Muslim people wants their life back they want a life, a work, a family , education, wealth care a home and security but for that they need to recover their free will and free speech and is all about that , that Islam is blowing up from inside.

  2. truth teller says:

    what the hell are you talking about are you on some drugs, this has nothing to do with religion but everything to do with how evil israel as a state is period. killing killing and more killing doesnt make their actions right. It has nothing to do with any other country but isreal maybe they should stop killing innocent children then maybe people will stop but until that happens people like myself will always stand up for whats right. ISRAEL is wrong and EVIL.

  3. thomas krayoski says:

    it doesn’t take any brains to know that if you stop firing rockets, the jews will quit blowing your brains out.

  4. joe says:

    To thomas on his bannana boat but thay dont thaugh do thay thomas its 1000 palastinian eyes for one jew eye

  5. JDK says:

    Totally agree with Anon and Thomas: (Quote) it doesn’t take any brains to know that if you stop firing rockets, the Jews will quit blowing your brains out. (End Quote) Couldn’t of said it any better; Truth accuses Israel of killing children, yet Hamas uses them as suicide bombers, and brain washes them to killing Israeli, ton of videos everywhere, globally that shows this, Hamas also fired rockets on Israel from the roof tops of schools during the Gaza strip conflict, again clearly documented and televised. The hate for Israel is evident in the middle east this web sight tries to gain westerner support paint Israel as evil; which is horse shit. Islamic extremest and known terror organisations such as HAMAS is the evil, they should be dealt within the same guidelines as Genghis Khan did.

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