Past Event – Remembering Gaza

We’ve been trying to have a talk about the humanitarian situation in Gaza for the past 2 weeks, and twice we’ve been unable to do it and had to cancel. Much of the media and the world’s attention seems to have moved on. The one good thing from having postponed the talk for so long is that we’ve managed to rebuild it and update it again and again.

This one is dedicated to Gaza, the real Gaza, and the nightmare the people living there have been forced through, as well as the realities of the decades of occupation.

The event will contain material of extremely violent and graphic nature. Our wish is to present reality as it is, not sanitize is for the benefits of correctness. The least we can do in solidarity with the people of Gaza is not shy away from understanding their suffering.

The event will be held at 17:30 on Wednesday the 4th of February at L4. Please be there and invite all you know who may be interested.


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