Why Palestine?

The Palestinian conflict is an incredible one, with many intricate details and historical events shaping its charted course and future. The Palestinians are, in essence, six million refugees, some in their own lands, who have suffered immense hardship, violence and borne the brunt of political ignorance. Our forthcoming website will provide much more information on the background of Palestine and the current violence but it is necessary, even now, to mention a few things.

With the war in Iraq and media spotlight elsewhere, the Palestinians have all but been forgotten while their conditions have deteriorated from what were unbearable to catastrophic. Routine incursions, assassinations, military strikes, blockades and house demolitions by Israel have created a humanitarian disaster in Gaza and the West Bank. Israel has also managed to construct a wall, to the horror of the world, locking in the Palestinians into a box of despair. While the Palestinians have grown weaker, the illegal settlements on their lands have grown stronger and stronger and are being expanded and built everyday, despite international law and every known agreement to the contrary.

As a society it is critical that at this time, in the prevailing climate, we work hard to raise the important issue of Palestine and this conflict to the forefront and campaign for its awareness and act to aid the lives of the people affected by it.


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