Our Foundation

To help us focus our aims and organise the society in a better structure, we have drawn up a foundation on which we feel our work should be based. These are basically four principles and some other details about how the society is run.

We aim to raise awareness about the plight of the Palestinian people and the occupation of their land through the most effective means available to us, to shape public opinion on campus and create a better understanding of the Palestinian struggle.
We are committed to raising awareness of the human right abuses in this conflict and aim to provide a platform on which a range of views can be presented and discussed. It is important that as a society we provide a balanced and intellectually strong analysis or position on any issue.
We call for the International community to enforce International Law and end the occupation and also treat both parties fairly, ending the deficit of power and inherent unfairness that has blighted this conflict.
We aim to campaign, educate and highlight the issues facing the people in the region and also what this means for us as students on campus. We believe it is of the up most importance that our members are actively involved in our work and their ideas, input and involvement is valued and used as best as it can.


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