Welcome to the Friends of Palestine Society at the University of Warwick!

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” – Nelson Mandela

When the Palestinian people are liberated, it will have been through politics and diplomacy, not militancy. Too much blood has been spilt in the Occupied Palestinian Territories already, violent protests here will only undermine our cause. The Palestinians will always be outgunned, the IDF is one of the most effective and well-funded militaries in the world. We believe that the way to defeat anti-Palestinian Zionism is through engaging our enemies in the political arena, because we will win on the pure and simple facts.

We are working on a number of excellent projects that will keep us busy and you interested for the year to come so we always welcome a pair of hands-or even a single one-to come and help us. Unlike other societies, we place a huge emphasis on members’ support, collaboration and ideas. Ultimately, this is a society belonging to all of us, so it would be great if you all get involved beyond the freshers’ fair!


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