Convoy to Gaza – New letter from Fred and Nora

Hello all – glad tidings etc.

As you may be aware, I am currently on the Viva Palestina with my co-driver Nora, also from Warwick Uni. We are on a mission to deliver urgently needed supplies and medical aid to the people of Gaza, who are under siege as part of a genocidal long-term strategy by Israel, supported by our government and the USA, as well as Egypt.

We are currently stuck in Aqaba, Jordan, waiting for a ferry to Nuweiba. The Egyptians are preventing us from getting on the ferry and entering Egypt. They have said we are allowed in, but only through Al Arish, on the Mediterranean side. This is simply a chimera. If we comply with this demand, we will be in an even weaker position than we already are – they have also given us a list of conditions for getting into gaza – that we donate all of our aid to UNWRA, that we coordinate with Israel (!!!) and a load of other rubbish. These channels have a terrible track record of getting aid into Gaza. Essentially they are trying to make it impossible for us to get our aid into Gaza.

Therefore I am asking you to put pressure on the Egyptian government in any way you can. The simplest way is to email / phone your local embassy. However, if you have the time and the inclination, you can go further – contact media, press, local organisations, whatever. The main point is to maintain the momentum we already have here in the Arab world, and to cross over into the European news.

The situation we find ourselves in is extremely precarious – we could easily be stuck here for several weeks. If this isn’t a major news story, the Egyptians will not feel the need to let us in. We won’t get to Gaza. The aid we are carrying will be useless. You can make a difference.

Please help, and take the time to do something about this. I have attached a sample email you could send to your local embassy. Putting pressure on English embassies in Egypt will also help.

Thank you, tell all your friends



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