Next Friends of Palestine meeting and time confirmations

As you may know, Amnesty International will be devoting Week 5 of this term as Palestine Solidarity Week. We will be working together to organise a number of events, and the society will be meeting next Wednesday, Week 4, to discuss what’s coming up the following week, and what exactly we’ll be planning. You’re all invited to come to the meeting, bring any ideas you may have, or simply come along to find out what will be happening. If anybody is interesting in helping organise the events, please let us know at the coming meeting.

For those of you who knew already about the meeting next Week, you are aware that we had planned it for 5pm. That may no longer be possible, and we may hold the meeting at 5pm. If you are interested in coming, and have a particular time preference (or if 3pm is really hard for you), please email us back in the society email (, and let us know.

We will be confirming a definite time and place in a few days. Hope to see you all there!

Best regards

Friends of Palestine Exec


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