Society meeting and elections

Hi everybody,

We hope you’ve enoyed the first week of the term and the societies fair on Wednesday and Thursday! For those of you that couldn’t make it on the first meeting last thursday, don’t worry, as we’ll be having another one at the end of this week, and many more events through the year.
We wanted to make sure you know that there are elections for the exec of the society at the end of this week, if you are interested in becoming more involved in the society and would like to take a position in the exec. There are currently 5 exec positions and we’ll be having elections for all of them. These include:
– President
– Treasurer
– Secretary
– Publicity Officer
– Social Sec
As we’ve mentioned to the people who we met in our thursday meeting, the elections do not mean that the current exec is going to be throwing the society to whomever wants to run for the positions, and then let you on your own to run things. Some of us will be running again for positions, and most of us will still be involved in the society regardless of whether we do so through an exec position or as simple members. I personally know that it can sometimes seem a scary prospect to attempt to run for a society exec, especially if one’s never been in such a position before, or if its their first year. However, there is really nothing to worry about, we’d like everybody who wants to be involved to try it, and the old exec, whether through new positions or as simple members, will be guiding you and advising you on anything you may want to know. This is a great opportunity to get more involved with the issue if you are interested about it, and a great opportunity to get more involved with the student union in the university as well.
If you are interested in running for the exec, please reply tothe society at  by thursday morning. We will be emailing you very soon to tell you exactly where we will be meeting this week and where the elections will be held.

In Solidarity


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