Welcome to a new academic year!

It has been some time since we last updated the blog, but we wanted to take the chance of the start of the new acedemic year to welcome all the new members who’ve just signed up for the society! We hope that you all have a great year, and we hope that we will get to see and meet all of you at our various events! Also wanted to remind everybody that there will be a a first meeting of the society tomorrow (Thursday, 8th, Week 1) at 18:00 at union north (that is the floor above costcutters as soon as you go up through the union doors, next to xananas, pass through the union doors once you go up and you should find us on one of the rooms to the right, we’ll be there at the door so you can’t miss us). Hope to see you all there!


One thought on “Welcome to a new academic year!

  1. Henrietta says:

    I signed up to the society online because I missed the fair – and I didn’t realise there was a first meeting on Thurs 8th – is there anything I should know that was covered in the meeting?

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