Everyday racism

7 Palestinian families southeast of Nablus have been ordered to evacuate their houses so that they can be demolished. This is the third mass-demolition announcement in 2 months. The reason? So that nearby Israeli settlements can expand and park build on the areas.

There seems to be little outrage in the international community for the continued expansion of Israeli oppression over the ruins of Palestinian lives. But racism in Israel has become such an everyday phenomenon, that it is hardly newsworthy anymore. It is a surreal world we live in, when outrage only comes when one dares name the truth as it is – none can apparently criticise Israel for what it is.

Quote from a report on the mass-demolition:

Nablus – Ma’an – The Israeli military ordered seven Palestinian families to evacuate their homes and farm buildings within 48 hours on Tuesday.

All of the structures, all southeast of the West Bank city of Nablus, are slated for demolition.

According to Jad’an Qasim, chair of the Al-Falah Society, Israeli authorities decided to demolish the homes and sheds in the Jetit area near the Israeli settlement of Mekhora. Families received notices to evacuate their properties within 48 hours, Qasim explained.

The effort marks the third mass-demolition announcement in two months, after Israeli authorities warned residents of Al-Baqa’a in south Hebron and Silwan in East Jerusalem that their homes would be destroyed so a settlement can be expanded and park can be built on the areas. Forty will be rendered homeless in Al-Baqa’a and 1,500 in Silwan.

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